P&M dog treat bags can be easily attached to the belt loop or the pocket. This way you can leave your hands free, but keep the treats close whenever you need them!


Simply place the treats inside, attach it to your belt and facilitate the organization of your every stroll.

Comfort during daily walks and trainings –

take it for everywhere!

Dogs are the family members who you take along wherever you go, just like a P&M Treat Pouch, that is here to make your daily life and adventures more enjoyable. With its functionality, modern and minimalist design it fits perfectly into today's world of trends, so forget about your old shabby bag and attach a new one to your belt that actually fits your personal look.

Dog treat bag will certainly be useful during any outdoor activity. This seemingly small interior has many possibilities. You can easily hide your dog’s favourite treats in it, which you will always use when it is appropriate.


Pouch has two removable hooks, thanks to which it adheres very well to a belt or pocket. These hooks are removable, in case you don´t want to wear it on the belt, simply take off the hooks and use the empty pockets for storing the napkins, poop bags etc. In addition, the case has a D-ring to attach the pouch to your luggage or backpack etc.

Classy and minimal look for every situation, in a cafe or on trainings.