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1. Do you ship worldwide?

We do! We have customers from all over Europe to the USA, Colombia, and even Japan.
We also have free worldwide shipping for orders over 115€!

2. What is BioThane and why use it? 

BioThane is a material known as vegan unicorn leather, which is the closest material to real leather.

Its PVC coating makes it more durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. It also has a very high breaking strength which is why it has gained the trust of horse halter, dog leash, and dog collar makers. The 13mm wide biothane can hold up to 220kg, 16mm up to 280 kg and 19mm up to 340kg. 

3. Can I customize the color of the leash/collar?

Since all our leashes and collars are handmade-to-measure, then any kind of custom orders are possible.

If you have a special idea in mind, simply head over to our "Create Your Own" page and let your imagination fly!

4. Can I order a custom-length leash? 

If you wish for a certain length then just contact us before placing your order! Let us know which leash you want and the preferred length. 

5. What are the differences of the handle types?

There are 4 different handle types, divided by material and by model: 


  • Rope handle - the whole leash is made of the same material, marine rope, with the end of the rope made into the handle.

  • Biothane handle - leash is made of marine rope, while the handle is made of biothane. The color of the biothane can be changed, if needed. Biothane handle is less compact but offers more comfort to your hand. It is also more easily cleanable. 

  • Adjustable version allows you to open the handle, shorten the leash, attach it to and around things etc. The leash can also be made into a two dog leash, if needed. 

  • Locked version has a fixed size and cannot be modified. 


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