“PET & ME - it is a different, special place where we have the opportunity to create and spread the products that change dogs and their owners lives.”


We believe it is essential not only to provide products of the highest quality, but to treat every customer with attention, consideration and respect. PET & ME is here to create dogs wellbeing, spread happiness and inspire one wagging tail at a time.

Simply a small brand, run by a girl and her dog.*
*unfortunately Brington left us in May, 2020, but his memory and soul is always with us in P&M 


Maarja & Brington


PET & ME is a small dream coming true starting at the end of the year 2017. One girl and her dog started to work hard for their dream... 
I was born with the passion for dogs and horses. One of my first dreams was to own a dog, I was 10 when my dream came true and I got my best friend - Welsh Springer Spaniel named Brington. Growing up with a dog and horses has taught me a lot, mostly about unconditional love, care and how positivity is always the key to success. Through my work I want to give every dog and it´s human something made with the same love, care and passion that pets are giving to us. Every dog is unique and have different needs. We accept it, and love it!

It´s all about just making the dreams come true.

I am sure that we all have our own personal story with our pet. ​What is your Story?

Designed to tell a story, your dog story..


Countless hours, tears, love and success..

First years, PET & ME was known as a brand that creates handmade accessories for dogs. Our loveable accessories are individually handmade to order, meaning every piece is unique and personal. Made in a space of joy, honour and respect. The wish to offer authentic and innovative pet supply by putting the focus on quality, safety and great design, has kept us going and discovering. We know that pet supply need to have practical value, but at the same we want to offer it by providing a great design. Year 2020 Fall we launched our first garments collection. Another outcome of dedication and hard work, another step forward.


The love for our customers, and the love by our customers is what guides us

Handmade collar: weather resistant, durable, unique










We are welcoming our dear P&Mers in our boutique in Pirita. 
Address: Urva 5, Tallinn

Come and visit!

Address: Urva 5, Tallinn (together with Groomland dog salon)

Opening times:​ 

We don´t have scheduled opening times. If you want to come and get to know the products, then let me know first and let´s arrange your visit!


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